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Fluitec Flow Calorimeter (FFC)

The Fluitec Flow Calorimeter (FFC) is especially suitable to obtain thermodynamic information for a scale-up of continuous processes in tubular reactors. This is useful because the released heat can strongly depend on the reaction control, especially for non-selective reactions. With the Fluitec Flow Calorimeter an axial temperature profile along the tube reactor can be recorded and the specific heat of reaction can be determined by means of heat balances and segmental dynamic parameters. The system consists of a tubular reactor, dosing systems, preheaters, temperature sensors and flow meters. Already existing ContiplantLAB PFR tube reactors can be converted easily into continuous reaction calorimeters.

Fluitec mixing + reaction solutions AG | February 2023

Large viscosity differences


Cooling and mixing even with very large viscosity differences

In the Contiplant mixer-heat exchanger, viscosities of up to 100'000 cp can be continuously mixed with aqueous liquids (1 cp) and cooled at the same time. The mixer-heat exchanger is designed to allow scaling from 20 ml/min up to 5'000 kg/h with constant surface to volume ratio. Applications such as mixing polymer with solvent and even cooling pseudo-viscous ketchup are perfectly possible.

Fluitec mixing + reaction solutions AG | February 2023

16. Freiburger Symposium 2023


We are pleased to participate in the 16th Fribourg Symposium of the Swiss Chemical Society from 27 April 2023 to 28 April 2023.


Fluitec mixing + reaction solutions AG | February 2023