Flow Chemistry

The modular design of the Contiplant system is based on Fluitec’s continuous mixer / heat exchangers. It allows each process to be developed quickly and precisely for the target product on a laboratory scale.

ContiplantPILOT reaction system made from Hastelloy C-22, including sampling valves, bursting discs and pressure and temperature sensors
Complete ContiplantPILOT-system (loop reactor with residence time section) incl. two dosing systems and PLC


The Fluitec scale-up system

Our mixer / heat exchangers can be scaled up easily and accurately because a constant surface-to-volume ratio is maintained regardless of the size of the apparatus.

The design of the mixing elements is simultaneously adapted so that the local flow patterns – and hence the specific power – also remain constant. This is possible thanks to the various, complex mixer / heat exchanger generations.

Apparatus of different sizes but with an identical surface-to-volume ratio are defined along the scale-up lines, so that precise scale-ups can be realised very simply.

Fluitec scale-up concept

Fluitec scale-up concept

Scale-up of a reaction section
Scale-up of a reaction section

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